Experience "IAMNOBODY, IAMSOMEONE" as it takes you on a journey that heals you.

  • 1 of 1000 Deluxe Limited Edition Double-Disc CD
  • Each is numbered & signed by JClay
  • Full-color artwork, lyrics, & credits
  • 25 fully-mastered songs

Below are the track listing & song previews. 

Disc 1

Disc 2

  1. What You Got A Taste For
  2. For Flyers Only (feat. OPlus)
  3. Selfish (For You)
  4. Every Second (feat. Mike D)
  5. Wake for It
  6. Vampirella Freestyle
  7. Beep (feat. Uniq Poet)
  8. No Separation
  9. Why You Gotta Stay So Far Away
  10. jclay.org


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Enjoy the journey!
~ JClay & The Harmony Squad